This is a Work of Fiction

A collection of texts about the precarious situation of working and living as an artist. The short story goes through real and imagined situations that relate to the vulnerability of the artistic profession and the many compromises that have to be made along the way.

Cover: Algro design 240 g / m2 from Igepa
Inside: Fluweel 100 g / m2 from Igepa
Design: Andreea Peterfi
Authors / Editorial staff: Alina Lupu
Edition: 300 copies.
Size: 160 pages
Format: 11 cm x 16 cm
Printing: Raaddraaier SSP
Binder: Patist
Price: € 15
Where to buy: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, San Serriffe Amsterdam, Motto Distribution, Dispozitiv Bucharest, etc.
Technical details: Patabind bound

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