Work in Progress at Reshaping Work 2019, Amsterdam

I intervened in the space of the conference venue at Reshaping Work 2019 as a reminder of the way in which, as work is changing, new ways of working are in turn shaping us daily. My intervention focused on the one aspect of work in current times which is the aspect of surveillance. The co-working space setup during Reshaping work 2019 was equipped with video cameras monitoring all work taking place. All throughout the building there were a series of half playful half oppressive reminders that we are always watched.

"Work is moving in the direction of autonomy. A worker gets to set their own schedule, and work from home, from their office, from the metro seat on their way to the city center where the co-working space they rented a cubicle in resides. But because we humans are creatures of whim we must increasingly find manners in which to stick to the schedule. So we set ourselves tasks and those tasks must be completed, only we fall to the wayside, procrastinate, forget or pretend to forget."

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